Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Charlevoix Part I

My sister Denise has a fabulous garden in her front yard that is surrounded by her circular driveway. Over the years she has added more and more plants. The center of the garden is a great metal deer. Not exactly a deterrent for the real deer - that's why there's a wire that surrounds the flower bed.

Here's something new this year ~~

This plant looks familiar -- can you identify it?

Another new planting :

And Denise's first tomato plant:

You know how people say big houses, big problems :

All of the Fond du Lac stone on their lower level had to be lifted, replaced and re-grouted. The workers used giant pastry bags to do the grouting -- it was crazy looking! It has taken 6 weeks to finish -- I'm sure everyone, including the neighbors, will be glad when it's done!

I managed to knit up 3 hats, 2 handles and begin a new felted bag while I was there.

Tomorrow I will show you the crazy fireworks display. Note to self: never be downwind of a fireworks display!!

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Lupie said...

Such a beautful place.