Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Moving on

It's time for the mascots of the Black Sheep Knitting Guild to move on to different pastures. They'll be traveling around the state, causing all sorts of mayhem, I'm sure. But before they head out, they needed a nap with the baby blanket I finished earlier this week.

Aren't they just precious??!!

I'm back to knitting for fall shows, ripping out the hat last night that was nearly done because it was just too darn big. I'm using Harrisville's Heather Bulky wool yarn in a sweet cherry red color. Pics to follow.....

Had to stop for a second because Maggie was too quiet. Stinking dog got into my evening bag from Holly's wedding and chewed up the table place card that contained a flower seed pack. Doggone her anyway. Had to lure her out from under the recliner using a cracker bribe. She can be so darn naughty.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Running low on steam since the wedding and I definitely need to get back into the gym. That's the plan for tomorrow plus I get out of work a couple of hours early for the holiday. I'm really looking forward to this long weekend.

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