Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life's next steps

At work today we joked about buying an ice cream van for sale on Craig's List. Only $1600, new freezer, ready to go! At least that's what the ad said. We figured each of us in the cube could kick in $400 and we'd be ready for life after MetLife. Tonight I heard on the radio that several divisions of Met will be combined, including mine. What's funny about that is that our VP met with us a couple of weeks ago to talk about cuts to our team and mentioned that her husband thought she better finish up decorating their new house. He must be psychic!

Tomorrow I expect my Dad to move back to the 'home'. Things have gotten progressively worse for my Mom. Besides being confused and swearing and not knowing who she is, now he is becoming both verbally and physically violent. That simply cannot go on. My sister Denise explored different possibilities and it looks like he's going back to the same facility but a different building. Maybe his heart frailties are adding to his brain dysfunction. I don't know. But I do know that Mom should not have to endure this kind of abuse. She's lost several pounds and is worn out. While being in a different environment may not be what he wants, it will have to do. We will all have to make more of an effort to visit them both.

I've had a pulled groin muscle for the last month and should probably ice it but instead I'll just finish my tasty glass of French red wine and go to bed. Tomorrow will be quite taxing.............

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