Monday, July 13, 2009

Sure wish the week started on Tuesday

Today was quite a pensive day. Yesterday Mom told me about taking Dad to the hospital twice last week. I know -- I had told her just last month that I want to know when this occurs. Tuesday was for coughing up blood clots (bronchitis) but Thursday was worse. Too many issues to write about but basically it sounds like his heart will not be able to be fixed. He has a left ventricle aneurysm and atherosclerosis in his aorta, and probably more that I couldn't decipher from Mom's reading of the report. Years of poor diet, alcohol, cigarettes, and lack of exercise will eventually champion over progressive medicine.
Several times at work today I thought about how different things will be when he's gone. How odd it will be to visit Mom without Dad. Empty chairs where he always sat. So many ways he will be missed. Dad is nearly as old as his father was when he died in 1984. Back then Grandpa seemed old. Now that Dad is his age it doesn't seem so old. Could be because I'm much closer to 84 than I was in 1984.

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