Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sauder Village Quilt Show, Part III

These are the last of the quilts from the Sauder Village show last Saturday.  I know you'll enjoy them.  Be sure to click on each image so you can truly appreciate the workmanship.  Or is that workwomanship????

Had to take a photo (even with the crazy shadows) of this chicken wall hanging:

This shot is only a small portion of a fabulous wall hanging that told the tale of where the maker had lived over her years.  The street names are embroidered in the black border:

Next  is the work of the featured artist for this year's show, Nancy Pierce of Florida:
Yes, I'm certain there REALLY are 3 1/2 million stitches in the wall hanging below:

A close-up of the area below the large tree on the left:
 Simply amazing.........

The last few were part of the small wall hanging category:

This one came in second place but I probably would have made it a blue ribbon winner.  The pieces are all hand dyed silk.  I know what a bugger silk is to work with so I really appreciate the execution on this quilt:

 This one was the blue ribbon winner.  Nice, too.

And finally, this dog portrait, complete with the leash:

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