Friday, May 13, 2011

GLHQ Meeting

Remember how I said that Blogger was on the fritz Wednesday and that I couldn't post any pictures?  Apparently that wasn't the only problem they were having.  The whole thing crashed and they had to go back in their history, wiping out the Wednesday posts and comments.  Today around 4 pm, things were back to normal for my blog - phew!

Last night's speaker, Diane Gaudynski, was the biggest draw of the guild year.  We had 29 guests!  Everyone loved Diane -- she was charming and engaging and had wonderful quilts for us to see.

Here's our raffle quilt, to be given away at our quilt show in February 2012.  First, a close up of the quilt, designed by the very talented Ruth:

The red is really not that glaring -- too many flashes going off at the same time I was taking my pictures.

The beautiful front:

And the delightful back: 

Next up, Show 'n Tell quilts -- pictures are of varying quality, depending on the holders.

This last one was made by fellow Chicken member, Judy, using many of her hand-dyed fabrics -- wonderful!

Now, I'm off to dinner.  Our Chicken group is cooking for Diane Gaudynski -- home cooking while you're on the road!  I'm in charge of one of the beverages.  Since we're having Barbecued Chicken, I chose a Chenin Blanc as well as a German Riesling.  I looked up the proper pairings in a book my friend Sue gave me and I'm spot on!  Woohoo!!!


harriet said...

Again, more lovely quilts! Must be wonderful to see them in real life.

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