Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Carla's Bridal Shower

My niece Carla is getting married in July.  Last Sunday was her bridal shower.  So appropriate with all the torrential rain we had that day!  The luncheon took place at the Maggiano's Restaurant in nearby Troy.  I had wrapped my gifts carefully then covered each of the four boxes with a garbage bag -- so classy!  Good thing they had valet parking and attendants willing to help me get the boxes into the room where we were meeting.

The shower was given by my sister's best friend Dawn, and Carla's sister Erica, who had flown in from NYC.

Each of us had a framed placecard so we knew where to sit.

Carla was very charming and looked lovely as she welcomed and thanked everyone for coming.

After our delicious meal, Carla began to open her gifts.  She received many useful things but I'm sure this is one thing she didn't have on her list:

One of my sister's dear friends made this apron for Carla -- it was adorable!

She opened her gift  from Holly and me -- her everyday dishes from her Crate and Barrel registry.
One of the nice things about these dishes is that they are open stock so if/when they break something they can easily get new ones.

Erica was the scribe, carefully writing down each gift and the giver's name.  Carla's fiance Jeff was there to share in the fun and help haul the loot out at the end.

Carla and Jeff received many nice things and I know they're on their way to setting up their new home in Atlanta.  I will have to get down there someday and visit.  From the looks of the things they've chosen their home will be beautiful.

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