Monday, May 9, 2011

Catching Up

I had one of the best Mother's Days yet yesterday.  I enjoyed brunch with Kevin at D'Amato's, where I ate all the fresh raspberries and bacon I wanted!  Don't worry, there were eggs, pineapple, french toast, ham, fresh veggies, and salad, too, on my plate.  Skipped the cheesecake and Tiramisu.  

Next Holly & Mike came down to the house (first time in about 3 years!) and brought me a tomato plant in a giant pot, a little pot of Cilantro, and my first Grandma t-shirt.  We went to the Royal Oak in Bloom event and walked around, checking out the flowers and such for sale, plus some garden artists, etc.

Holly is in her 6th month -- see the bump??

I came home and finished weaving a cotton/rayon scarf and got the loom warped to begin the next one.  I'm on a roll!

I took my Mom out for dinner to Five Guys, her choice, where we dined on Bacon Cheese Hot Dogs and fries. Yummo!  She loved it and kept saying how she'd been looking forward to dinner.  I gave her a gift card so she'll be able to stop by more often.

When I got back home I finished warping the loom and got going on weaving the brown scarf:
I've got 65" done so far on this latest scarf.  Soon I'll try to do some patterns to shake things up a bit!

I've got the busiest week ahead:  knit guild tomorrow, quilt shop run on Wednesday, quilt guild on Thursday, dining with Diane Gaudynski, this month's guild speaker, on Friday, machine quilting workshop with the uber-fabulous Diane on Saturday and a wedding shower on Sunday for my niece Carla on Sunday.

Good thing at work everything ground to a complete halt today.  They have to go back to square one and start from scratch on the project that I'm working on.  Looks like I'll be taking all those required online classes for a few weeks until they get caught up again.  Sheesh!

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holly looks so cute! trc-s;-D