Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Search Continues

I think my head is going to explode!  This hunt for a good, affordable used car is driving me bonkers.  I've changed brands and models a gazillion times.  I'm about to close my eyes and point to something, pay the cash and get the heck out of there.  

I put my stash of Rug Hooking magazines on EBay tonight -- phew!  Next will be the stash of Spin Off magazines.  I would really love for them to find new homes.

I cleaned a bunch today.  I cleaned out the T&C since I'm turning it in on my way home from work tomorrow.  Looks like I'll be taking the bus from then on.  I also washed my bedding and put the wool blanket on my bed.  Usually that means there'll be a spike up in the temperature for a few days but it's not looking to favorable right now.

I can't wait to put my head on the freshly laundered linens and snuggle under the wool blanket.  I'm pooped.  Not one stitch of knitting done today.  Egad!

Happy Birthday Sue!!!  Hope you get to go home soon and sleep in your own bed!

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SusanQuilter said...

Thanks!!! Popped home long enough to get some fabric for a quilt I need to plan for my newly adopted nephew, and fortunate to see your good wishes! planning on being home at the end of the week...