Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rain, rain go away

Today was a glum, gray, rainy day.  I was tempted to stay in my PJs and do nothing but with a show coming up I knew there was work to be done.  I finished a tri-corner baby hat (pictures coming tomorrow, once it's dried) and started on a man's hat using Cascade 220 Paint (pictures to come later too).  I've gotten to the decreases so it won't be long before it's done.

I ventured over to the yarn shop to visit with the ladies.  I hadn't been there for at least 3 weeks so there was a lot of catching up to do -- lots of new yarn had come in to stock the shelves.  I need more yarn like a hole in the head but I started to twitch when I saw the new superwash wool yarn from Malabrigo called Rios.  I bought three different colors and they are so gorgeous I have to hurry and finish that man's hat so I can start on a beret using the Rios yarn.  If I didn't like the look of the man's hat so much I'd be tempted to set it aside in favor of the freshly purchased yarn (pictures of that coming tomorrow too!).  Do you ever abandon a project when a new yarn comes along??

I stopped at Moosejaw to shop for some new shoes and I found a pair I liked that they had in my size.  I quickly tried them on and they fit!  The search for the perfect SmartWool sock took longer than the shoes.  I love those socks for the times when I'm outside in the cold for long periods of time.  They're very squishy in my shoes and make be bounce like Tigger!  I used two gift cards I had from my birthday back in March -- I know, six months ago.  Originally I thought I'd use the cards for snowshoes but they didn't have any more at that time so I just held onto the cards.  I'll post a picture tomorrow of them too.

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