Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pictures A Plenty

Yesterday I teased you with all sorts of coming attractions.  I'm delivering the goods today!

First I went on and on about some yarn I purchased yesterday.  Let's see if you don't twitch when you see these saturated colors:

Today I hung out with my Chicken friends at Kathy's house.  We had wonderful food and while they worked on their Kaffe Fassett quilt projects, I made three more wool pillows to go with the one I had finished months ago:

Once I finished sewing I packed up my Bernina and turned to knitting.  I finished the Man Hat so I could move on to the Malabrigo Rios golden beret.  Here's the top of the Man Hat:

Fooled you -- not the usual Double D decrease!  It's a bit big for Hedy too:

I cast on for the golden beret and hope to have it just about finished tomorrow so stay tuned for that picture.

I also told you yesterday about my new shoes.  My old Merrill's are wearing on the soles and the leather is cracking where it meets the soles.  I picked out a new pair of Keen's:

I love everything about them except that they're made in Ch~na.  Ugh.  I've been wearing Keen shoes for the last 5 years and this is my fourth pair.  They're so ugly they're cute, at least to me.

I also picked up another pair of Smart Wool socks:

These socks are so squishy and they will keep my feet toasty warm -- love them!

I'm in good shape for the Charlevoix show that begins on Friday.  I just need to make up a few hang tags and knit whatever I can finish before I head up there, either Wednesday straight from work, or very early Thursday morning.  Kevin will hold down the fort.  Today I had to get on him to get his laundry done that was strewn all over the laundry room.  I could hardly walk through there before I headed off to Kathy's house.  I'm happy to say it's new and improved in there now -- thank goodness!


Heather Woollove said... sure did WOW us with project pictures today!! I love the shirt pillows and your hats, and I am very keen for your Keens.
Have you ever checked out Sierra Trading Post (online) for SmartWool
socks? They often have very good prices for them.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Heather. I'll have to check out their website -- $20 is a bit much for socks but they last forever.

Anonymous said...

Sierra Trading Post also has good prices on Keens as does Zappos and 6pm

Kim W

harriet said...

Oh man! Those colors are beautiful. I luv Malabrigo.

I think those pillows are great also. Are you taking those up to Charlevoix to sell?

Suzanne said...

You'll get to see that lovely golden yellow Malabrigo tonight at Panera's. Yes, the pillows are loaded up in the T&C, ready for Charlevoix.

Suzanne said...

If I didn't have two gift cards for Moosejaw I probably would have checked out those sites. I spent $43 on a pair of shoes and socks -- not bad for Keen and Smart Wool.