Friday, October 29, 2010

Cars, cars, cars....

I think it's truly amazing that I'm worn out from shopping for a car on the Internet.  How can that be?  I haven't driven to dozens of car lots, asked low-life salesmen lots of questions, gotten in and out of a gazillion cars, or even driven the ones I think I'm interested in (except for last weekend and that doesn't really count).  I have discovered there are tons of schemers on Craigslist so I'm just warning you -- tread verrrrry carefully if you go there.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading out to a dealership to look at one car in particular but there are several other offerings that could work out for me.  I think I'll take the bus, that way I can drive it home if I like it well enough.

I had originally thought that sleeping in would be wonderful but the early bird does usually get the worm.  Or in this case, the car she wants!

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