Friday, October 15, 2010

Charity Knitting Challenge

Back at our May BSKG meeting, Judith, our charity coordinator, offered up a new challenge.  After examining our stock of donated yarn, she decided to issue a White challenge and bundled up skeins of white acrylic yarn for all who wanted to knit over the summer.  Our charity for this project is the South Oakland Shelter, which assists homeless people who are actually employed but not yet on their feet.

I took my lunch bag of three skeins of yarn home but admittedly did not get to knitting my hats until last weekend.  I know, all summer to do it and I kept putting it off.  Most of you know I care very little for acrylic yarn but this stuff was actually alright.  Here's my contribution:

Yes, the label does say 'SEARS' -- what decade to you suppose this stuff is from??!!  I chose to knit plain hats using a double strand of the yarn so they're pretty darn warm.  Here's the summary of the guild's efforts which were turned in at Tuesday's meeting:

Judith had already taken over bags of knits for SOS two weeks earlier -- 16 hats and 20 scarves.  There are going to be a lot more people warmed by the guild's generosity.

Another activity at the guild meeting on Tuesday was a felted soap demonstration.  I missed out because there wasn't enough time but here are the gals at work with Kate in the far left guiding them along:

I've tried making felted soap before but I don't think I was patient enough and tried to rush the process.  My bars were okay but not as smooth and pretty as I've seen.  I'll have to give it a go again.

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