Friday, October 22, 2010

GLHQ Show and Tell

Last Thursday was our monthly guild meeting for GLHQ.  We had a wonderful speaker, Edyta Sitar, who brought load of quilts to wow us and a boatload of patterns, books, calendars, and stencils to sell.  Judging by the crowd at the sale table, I think Edyta did quite well.  I know I contributed, though, had I known I'd be having  'that' conversation at work the following day, I would probably have walked out with nothing.
A calendar to have beautiful quilts to look at each month:

And a wonderful book full of marvelous ideas:

And a few more applique patterns to draw inspiration from:

Edyta brought wonderful quilts to go along with her lecture but she asked that we not publish them on the web so I did not take any photos of her pieces.

Here are some great quilts that our members brought for Show 'n Tell though:

This Butterfly Quilt was a do-over.  Someone purchased a quilt top at our Holiday Bazaar and re-made it into this:

And Robin made this one when a relative asked for a quilt to keep in her car:
Anybody catch the irony of this pattern choice???


Tanya said...

only if her relative is an alcoholic. . .

Suzanne said...

I knew you'd get it.