Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another quick post...

Whew!  I just spent the last 60+ minutes helping Kevin install a wireless printer.  This wasn't on my radar for the evening activities.  I got hit with the request when I walked in the house at 9 PM from knit group.  He's pretty sharp about electronics but not so much with computer hardware.  It was relatively easy to install and is running like a top now.  I hope.

I also forgot about a phone call coming in from work to test our emergency call tree.  Oops.  It totally slipped my mind.  I did the call back and I hope everything is OK.  It's automated so who knows.

Next I talked to my sister Denise who was in a bit of a panic due to some dog-sitting snafus.  They'll be leaving for California in the morning so I won't see them while I'm in Charlevoix this weekend doing my show.  They'll be coming home on Monday and I'll leave for home once they're settled and Denise hears how the show went.

I finished the Golden Beret today and my friend Katy modeled looking oh so Parisian!  I'll try to take a photo tomorrow and post it along with a shot of the tri-corner baby hat I finished the other day.

Tomorrow I'll pack after I get home from work and get myself to bed early so I can be on the road by 6 AM on Thursday.  Woohoo!


harriet said...

Good luck up in Charlevoix. Supposed to be warm down here this weekend, so hope it's wonderful up there. I won't be able to knit next Monday - forgot to tell you yesterday. Figure you probably won't be there either.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Harriet -- see you Tuesday at guild.