Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do you know where your big girl pants are?

I was wearing my big girl pants today during a meeting I doubt I needed to attend.  The discussion was all about tasks that need to occur AFTER my last day at the company.  In short, the coworker who will be staying on will have a lot to do.  So much so that others in the room kept commenting about how busy she was going to be and how will she be able to do it all.  Here's where I should have just excused myself but I hung in there.

Just plain miserable.  Nothing else to say.

Moving right along.  I did do a little car shopping after work and looked at a car my neighbor is certain is too small for what I need.  Back to the drawing board, AKA Craigslist.

Tomorrow at work we're having a luncheon for the people who will be leaving the company, some just a couple of weeks before me and some weeks or months after me.  Somehow we're all expected to put on smiles and talk about 'favorite memories'.  It's so much harder to reflect on the good times when bad stuff is happening to you.

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