Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two Words....

...can fix almost any case of the blues:  Retail Therapy.
I cured my blues today by going on a yarn shop hop, visiting four of my local stores.  I spread the money around fairly evenly between PK Yarn over Knit, Gail's Darn Yarn, The Knitting Room (where I got my 20% off birthday month discount) and Right off the Sheep.  I knit with the ladies at Right off the Sheep, finishing up my Purple/Green Rose Hill Hat ~~
Now I've moved on to another Button Hat, which I should finish tomorrow morning.  I've got more pictures to take and post on Sunday, including the finished Possum Scarf and One Row Lace Scarf.  
I'm off to find some Nyquil -- gotta quiet this terrible cough I've had for three days so I can get some sleep.


Kate said...

Good for you! Everyone loves a little retail therapy!

Jersey said...

Funny - that was exactly what I was going to say: "good for you!"

We all need to treat ourselves sometimes but some of us find it difficult to recognize they we are worth it during the times we need it most.