Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giveaway Update

So far I've gotten 28 42 comments on Sunday morning's blog post.  That makes the odds pretty darn good for those people:  4 terrific prizes divided among 28 42 comments.  Way easier than winning the lottery!

If you haven't had a chance yet, read Sunday morning's post, follow the guildelines and get in on the fabulous giveaway!!  You've got until 8 PM EST on March 3rd!

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Suzanne, loving this blog! My mom sent me the link to it. It looks like you gals had great fun at the new yarn store in Novi. It is near where my doctor is. Might have to pop in the next time I am out that way. You have some wonderful prizes! Hoping that I win the yarn basket! I am working with a group on Ravelry to make a pair of socks a month and this would come in handy! See you next week!