Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Tonight was our quilt guild meeting and I forgot to take my camera.  Bummer.  I had put the battery in the charger and that's where it remained.  As the treasurer of the guild I was busy collecting money and writing checks, phew!

Our speaker tonight was Dianne Hire and she was eclectic and delightful.  Her program was on Oxymorons: Absurdly Logical Quilts and was a slide show that included many of the quilts that were made for a special exhibit at Paducah.  Each of the quilts had an oxymoron theme like 'Clearly Ambiguous' and 'Linear Curve'.  She had wonderful stories about each quilt and shared the sketching and design steps for each one.  Again, wish I had my camera, as Dianne brought some of her beautiful pieces to show.

Tomorrow is our bonus day at work.  Each year I make a list of all of the ways I could spend it.  Odd, I never think of all the ways I could save it.  I'm good for the local economy.  As in past years, a new hot water heater is on my list, as is a new camera, computer, cement porch, various items from IKEA, vet visit for Maggie, etc.  Now there's no way I can get everything done so I'll have to prioritize and do the most with what I get.

What do you do with the extra money you come into?  Do you save or spend???


Amy said...

I save some and spend some. The spending usually involves something I need and something I want. Also, I tend to get very selfish about it. Heck, it is my "special money", so I get to decide.

SusanQuilter said...