Sunday, March 7, 2010

No Pics Today

I spent a perfectly terrific sunshine-y day knitting away on a couple of hats.  I finished one and nearly finished the second.  I promise pictures will be posted tomorrow.  It will be another great day for March in Michigan.

I wanted to share a special blog I came across via Ravelry today.  You really need to read this post.  I found it really uplifting and amazing.  I think some of my knitting friends need to crank out the hat and sock patterns found at the bottom of that post.  Any takers??

I'm still battling some kind of wheezy-coughy-achy thing so I'm off to bed soon.  Hope I'm better tomorrow -- having a birthday dinner with Mom, Holly and Kevin.  Glad I took the day off -- hoping to get my taxes some crafty stuff done tomorrow.


Mary LeMaster said...

Well enjoy the weather and hope you have a great Dinner. Looking forward to the pics

Eddie said...

I like the new spring-timey wallpaper! Happy birthday, in case I don't see or talk to you tomorrow.