Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Cavities!

I'm sure that's not exciting to most adults but I've been struggling for years with my teeth.  Teeth are something most people take for granted but not me.  I was actually diagnosed with GERD several years ago by my dentist because he noticed the erosion of the enamel on my teeth.  My mouth is full of crowns and I need two more.  But today was a great day -- no cavities.  I've been using a high power rinse at night that coats my teeth so it must be doing the trick.

Tonight was my Chicken group meeting at Diane's house.  Unfortunately I left my camera on the chair in my living room so no pictures for this post.  Mary showed her snowman wallhanging and her recently finished cabled wool sweater -- toasty warm!  Various books and magazines were passed around for all to peruse while we munched on yummy snacks.  Deb was busy hand-quilting a long-term project.  Joyce and Diane did hand piecing while Carol and I knitted away.  Kathy viewed the magazines, pointing out which quilts would be nice for a President's quilt next year.  Pat worked on homework from her office.  :(

I worked on my Sneaky Sheep Swap project which is morphing as I knit it into something different than I originally intended.  That's what happens when you're limited to 3 skeins and can get no more anyway.

We planned our riding and meal arrangements for our visit to see our friend Jackie in April.  She lives on Torch Lake and in April, anything can happen.  We'll most likely see some kind of snow, so packing can be tricky.  Everyone gets a turn at a meal and I'll be working on Sunday dinner with Diane.  She has a soup recipe she'd like to prepare so I'll try to think of something to go with it.

I love getting away to Torch Lake -- it's so pretty and quiet up there and Jackie has a fabulous home to host us in.  I need to get away......soon!  I haven't gone anywhere since October -- I've definitely got cabin fever.

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