Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I'm making great headway in my quest to de-clutter and organize my paperwork.  I'm still not ready to get started on my taxes but maybe that will come this weekend.  I need a quiet house to do that!

Yesterday while going through my documents and figuring out which ones should be shredded I re-discovered a letter I wrote back in 1993.  Yep.  That long ago.  And you know what???  It made me angry all over again to read it.  Back then my ex-husband was in arrears in child support by several thousand dollars.  When I needed him to sign the agreement to finally sell our mobile home so that I could get the mortgage on my house he said he would not unless I signed HIS document telling Friend of the Court not to pursue the arrears through garnishment.  With both of my young children in the room I could not argue with him and that made me soooo mad.  He had me where he wanted me -- I couldn't risk losing out on my house so I had to sign his damn letter.

Finding that letter in my file box made all that anger surface once more.  Such a spiteful, flat out wrong thing to do.  He owed the money and I had gone months and months without the proper support.  Somehow he thought the $20 he was getting away with paying to me each week was satisfactory but apparently the court thought otherwise.  I had no choice but to sign that letter that day and I hated the control he had over me.  So many people think he's so nice but I know the real man and I'm grateful that he's not in my life.

Oh, and the letter -- I shredded it, along with all of the other child support papers.  Done, done, diddley done.

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