Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Interview Day

Thank goodness I'm not working right now.  After seeing my doctor yesterday, I think I'm going back again tomorrow.  My nausea is just dreadful and tonight I got something at the drug store that the pharmacist recommended - sure hope it works.  On top of everything, my prescription drug coverage appears to be nearly non-existent so I'm going to have to call both MetLife and Blue Care Network to figure it out.  I'll have to find some other plan if I can't resolve that.

Sunday I had to shop for a suit to wear for today's job interview at Ford.  Thankfully, the alteration guy near my house was able to shorten the pants, take in the waist, and shorten the sleeves on the jacket, and did it all yesterday -- I dropped them off at 11:30 and picked them up at 4:30 -- amazing.

I stayed in bed today until 11:30 am.  Pretty much the last possible moment before heading into the shower to prepare for my interview.  I'm not eating much right now but the weight is certainly not falling off yet, so you can stop worrying :*).

I think my interview went pretty well and I did feel pretty snappy in my suit.  We'll see how they decide.  I'm still looking........

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Anonymous said...

~ goodluck on the interview! ;-D