Sunday, February 24, 2013

Picking Fabric

I'm not very fast at most things but choosing fabric and piecing a quilt top I'm definitely the pokiest person around.  Yesterday I went out to Creative Quilts in Brighton with my friend Sue and I picked out more striped fabrics for what used to be a pillow but now seems like it's growing into a quilt.

Today I thought I'd get ahead of the game and pick out the fabrics for my upcoming Kim Diehl workshops.  I really admire people who can practically close their eyes and choose just the right fabrics off the shelves that hold their fabric stashes.  That's not me.  I hem and haw, pick out, put back, then shop some more.  After yet another completely unsatisfying visit to my local cranky shop, I think I'm done with them.  No need to give my money to them when they can't even say hello when I enter the shop.

So I returned home to re-examine my current options.  I've nailed down the fabrics for the Gathering Garden workshop.  This time I got a real whiz-bang idea -- I used my label making machine to match the fabrics I chose to the pattern pieces.  Pretty slick, eh?

And I've decided on the background fabric but I'm still waffling on the tan fabrics for the center of the quilt:

And that's the sum of my day's efforts.  Tomorrow I'll choose the wool fabrics for the other workshop with Kim.  If I don't return by Tuesday, send out a search crew.  I've got a job interview on Tuesday that I better show up for!

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