Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clutter Control

Some days I hate being a grown up.  I would like nothing better than to play with my fabric, cut up a bunch and get some serious sewing done.  But nooooooo!!!  I need to behave myself and get some serious organizing done instead.  Oh the injustice of it all.

I have been way too neglectful of my paperwork for close to a year now.  I've got all sorts of manuals, registration forms (uh-oh), insurance statements, severance paperwork, mortgage changeover documents, home improvement receipts, you name it, in so many different places, stacked here and there.  I hate when it's like this but it is always so much easier to just stack it in a pile.  So now I have to organize them into proper files:

I've come to realize that I have four, yes FOUR, file boxes.  Egad.  Now I'm in a purging mode.  Shred this. Toss that.  I have another box in my closet of leftover Christmas cards from probably each of 10 years.  Probably never gonna use them so tell me again why I saved them??

I found tax documents going back to 1996.  Don't believe me? 
Maybe YOU know why I've kept them.  I think I'll be firing up the shredder tomorrow morning.

I've got divorce documents (1992) and their accompanying child support documents.  My original mortgage documents from 1993 (I've refinanced twice) -- how long should I hang on to those?

And then there's my fire-proof box which contains things like my high school diploma, social security card, birth certificate and my ponytail cut off when I was eight years old. of those things might not belong there.

I always hate doing this type of clean up but when I'm done I always feel much better.  I think if I get a big garbage bag out and am cut-throat about it, I'll be much happier.  I really don't like living with the piles here and there and I definitely know I'll sleep better when all the clutter is cut down to down and put in its place.



Sigrun said...

And the minute you get rid of something you find out you needed it after all. This kind of weeding is on my agenda, too. Last week I started with the bedroom closets (tomorrow last coat of paint in bedroom), and when dressers go back where they belong, the drawers are being sorted. I kind of peeked into DH's junk drawer--he had a dozen old eyeglass cases (no glasses)and bank deposit slips from 1986.

Anonymous said...

~ditto shredding party @my house too! ;-D