Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Times

Never mind the bad days of the last few weeks.  I'm on a good roll these days.  Yesterday I met Holly and Denver at Costco, where Denver set his sights on this:
Nearly 18 months old now -- hard to believe it!  My sister Denise said he's allowed to sit on the ATV because he can't read yet.

After leaving them, I headed out to Mabelena Quilt Shop in Ortonville where I shopped for some striped fabrics for a new pillow project.  I ran into my old friend Colleen and it was so nice to get caught up with her.  

From there I drove out to Lapeer to check out a new quilt shop, Sew Crazy, which opened last December.  It was a very cute shop and I hope they do well.  I saw another old friend Chris, who was there as a representative for Signature threads.  I can't wait to try their new threads.

For dinner last night I stopped at my favorite little restaurant in Royal Oak, Café Muse.  Bartender Chris welcomed me back and said he had missed me and hoped I was feeling better.  Seems my friend Sue and her husband were there last week and mentioned I had been too stinking sick to come out.  Chris even gave me my first cocktail for free as a welcome back token.  MMM, MMM, good.

Today I drove my friends Sue and Mary down to the Detroit Institute of Arts to see a special exhibit of Van Gogh's painting Bedroom in Arles, on loan from the Louvre!!!  If you live in Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb county your admission to the museum is FREE!  Well, it's part of the taxes we pay but still -- no excuse not to go!

We weren't allowed to photograph the Van Gogh but we did snap shots of other pieces, including this wonderful mosaic:

And I absolutely loved this wooden cabinet with its intricate inlaid patterns.  I immediately thought 'what a wonderful quilt design'......

Sorry for the slightly blurry camera phone pictures.

I took Mary and Sue over to Detroit Eastern Market where we had a delicious lunch at Supino Pizzeria, a place they'd never been too.  In fact Mary hadn't been to Eastern Market in years and surprisingly, Sue had NEVER been.  We went to the Rocky Peanut Company and several other shops.

I love getting out and spending time with friends and family.  After being cooped up in my house for nearly two weeks, I'm due for some fun!!


Anonymous said...

~wow can't believe how big Denver is now!..glad ewe are feeling better..everyone luvs COSTCO:-) ;-D

Suzanne said...

He really is getting big, isn't he?! We ate first at Costco, then shopped.