Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday!

Another week has come and gone -- thank goodness for the weekend!  I'm really hoping to get out to see Holly and her family this weekend.  She's off school for the next two weeks for winter break and I know I'll be out there a time or two.

I haven't heard anything on the job at Ford Motor but I've been following up on other leads.  I'm sure I sound like a braggart, which I really don't mean to do, but there are so many opportunities out there it's really crazy.  I spoke to one contract house this morning before I even got out of my pajamas about a testing job at Comerica Bank, which is right next door to my last job at Ally Financial.  Two things going for Comerica -- higher pay and they have a cafeteria in the building!  I sent my resume off to two more recruiters this afternoon, one out-of-the-blue company, and one that I've been in touch with before.  I'm telling you one thing (as my Grandma DuCharme used to say), this looking for a job IS work.

I ran over to Costco this morning to get ink for my Canon printer.  I bought 'just a few' things besides ink.  Outfits for Denver, steak, mushrooms, polenta, spinach, broccoli salad, a trio of popcorn from the travelling vendor, Parmesan cheese, some breakfast crackers I overheard a shopper raving about, Zyrtec, Prilosec, contact lens solution, and a ginormous rock Cornish game hen for Sunday supper - if it thaws in time!  It's always more dangerous to shop there when you're hungry.  But I didn't buy the cordless wine bottle opener (on clearance for $14.99....) or the Downton Abbey blu-ray, or another chunk of Bella Vitano cheese, or the nice 3x5 foot wool rug (no more wool rugs until the dog and the roommate move out) or the lovely bunch of sunflowers I perused.

It was a productive day.  Did some more paper tossing -- how does it accumulate sooooo fast??!!  Hoping to get more cleaning done this weekend -- it's so nice to feel good again.  Isn't it amazing when your nose is all plugged up and you're coughing out your lungs, that eventually you WILL feel better and breath again freely and not cough all the time and forget about how it was not so long ago that neither of these things were possible??!!

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Anonymous said...

~ very true COSTCO & Target always getting more than what's on the list:-) ;-D