Thursday, August 2, 2012


All is right with the world.  I'm able to use my brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S III phone with the Sync in my Ford Focus!  OK, before you all roll your eyes at me, remember that I was having a terrible time getting my Samsung Focus to work in the Ford Focus.  Besides the obvious name similarities, they both operated on the Windows platform so there was absolutely no excuse in my mind for them not to work together!  I spent hours and hours in the hottest weather of the summer sitting in my car, trying to get them to behave nicely together with absolutely no luck whatsoever!

Yesterday was the first day I could get a new phone under my plan with AT&T so you can believe that I was at Costco first thing in the morning to make the switcheroo.  I played around with the phone a bit and even paired it up in the Focus.  Oddly enough, though, the address book sync up did not bring the phone numbers over as they should.  Today I had to re-format the numbers that were in my old phone as into (xxx)xxx-xxxx.  You can only guess how much fun THAT was.  Next I went outside to my car and reloaded the address book and -voila- it worked.  I called my friend Mary and then she called me.  It was HEAVEN -- it worked as it should.  Joy is back in my life!  OK, it wasn't really that necessary, but at least I know that something I paid extra to get is actually working now.  WooHoo!!!!

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