Friday, August 10, 2012

Restless Sleep

Yesterday I went to my dentist and picked up this:
Can you guess what it contains?  For several years now I have been suffering the affects of acid reflux disease on my teeth.  It was actually first diagnosed by my dentist, the wonderful Dr. Hoste.  I've been on meds for GERD for years but unfortunately most of the enamel on my teeth is gone so my teeth are subject to frequent cavities.  Ugh.

So now I have to wear this at night:
It's an occlusal night guard and let me tell you, it was tough getting to sleep and staying asleep last night.  At first my gag reflex was kicking in.  I have a pretty tiny mouth and have an awful time with dental xrays and impressions.  Last time I gagged big time and nearly peed my pants.  Guess I need to empty before I get into the chair going forward.

I'll be wearing the night guard for a long time to come so I just better get used to it.  I was a little petrified that it wouldn't come off this morning but it did and it didn't pull any crowns out with it so I guess I'm safe.

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