Sunday, August 5, 2012

Not Done Yet

Amazingly enough, I'm still working in my Craft Cave.  Things are looking up though because I found some new storage pieces for my work space that should help keep things looking tidy.  

I have to confess I've been playing around a LOT with my new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3.  I've been using the Android operating system on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet for a few months so there wasn't as much of a learning curve as when I got my first smartphone in 2010.  One of the best features is I can actually sync it up with my car and make/receive phone calls -- hallelujah!!

Sometimes Most of the time I have a difficult time getting all the things I want to do done in a day, and then I forget that I meant to get the leftover tasks done the following day.  Must be the ADD kicking in now and again.  I found a website that will come in handy for me and maybe you too!  It's called Lazy Meter and so far it looks like it will help keep me accountable to myself.  I know, a notepad would work too, but it's more fun to use my computer (and soon they'll make an app for phones for it), especially when you can move un-done tasks to tomorrow!

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