Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today I'm talking about two completely different kinds of roots.

First, I've been having issues lately getting my hair cut and colored.  The grey roots start popping out at me and I can't get to the 'groomer' fast enough.  For several years I was going to a nearby barber shop where Kyle coiffed my hair for me.  Things were going great until one day in April when I showed up for my appointment and he was no longer working there.  Not good.  I hate finding a new stylist the way I hate finding a new doctor.  Ugh.  But I looked around and decided on a shop close to my house.  The price was right and I got in the following week.

Ashley did a nice job on my hair so I made another appointment this month.  Last Friday I sat down in her chair, she put my cape on and left to mix my color.  She reappeared with tears in her eyes.  Her father had been taken to the local hospital by ambulance and she asked if she could leave.  She insisted on mixing my color up and said another stylist would take over.  Absolutely not, I said, you need to leave right now!  So she took off my cape and I left.  Right now every time I look in the mirror I swear those roots are getting longer and longer.  I'll try to get back over there later this week.

The other root issue I've been having has to do with my flower beds.  I bought a Groupon back in March to have a landscaping company send out three guys for three hours for $99.  Seemed like a bargain to me since my hands are so bad, gardening is completely out of the picture.  I called, waited, called, waited, called some more, waited some more, and finally today I had had it.  I called again at 4 pm only to find out they were already at my house!  So much for calling the Friday before they come out.

I wanted to be there to make sure everything I wanted out got removed and everything I wanted to stay stayed.  I bolted out of the office and zipped home.  Too late.  My beds were pilfered.  The sad thing is I had to ask them to remove the invasive grass and Snow on the Mountain that they had left in the beds -- something all too obvious to me!  Bleeding Hearts - gone, Columbines - gone, Japanese Balloon Flowers - gone.  Butterfly Bush -- cut down.  Arrgghh!

On the bright side -- the yard looks better, naked, but better.  Now I have to figure out what to put in its place.  I think I'll hire a different landscaper for that!


Eddie said...

No! What kind of a landscaping company is this??? I guess anyone with a trowel and some pruning shears can call themselves a landscaper. I am outraged.

Suzanne said...

I know what you mean but it was too late once I got home.

SusanQuilter said...

That's a crime!! It sounds to me like they owe you some plants or a giftcard to a nursery! So sorry....