Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This is a picture of my living room:

I put away most everything that was out in anticipation I'd be getting a visit from my grandson Denver on Mother's Day.  I would have cleared off the coffee table had he come, but he did not.  Instead Kevin and I met Holly and her family at a nearby restaurant for brunch.  We had a really good visit and Denver is getting so big.  He's clapping his hands, whistles, and was fascinated by the light fixtures and fans:

He loves to take water from a straw!

I bet you couldn't see all my sewing tools and machine in the very first picture, could you???  The Singer Featherweight table fits right over Maggie's crate -- how slick is that??

Now I can easily pull the table out from the wall and begin to sew whenever time allows.  I love it!

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