Sunday, May 6, 2012

Friday Afternoon Show

After a quick lunch at Culver's, Judy, Mary, and I headed to the Macomb County Quilt Guild show in Roseville.  It was my first time visiting this show and I have to say, the caliber of quilts shown was not as nice as the Oakland County Quilt Guild show or the GLHQ show.  The quilts at the Ortonville show were much nicer, too, but the MCQG show had better vendors.  Good reason to go!

This quilt must have been from a workshop, there were several versions at the show:

The next two are very similar, I had to look twice!

 Here's Mary and Judy, admiring this beauty:

This one was probably my favorite -- so perky!

I did find a few things at the vendors.  I'll save them for another post!

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