Monday, May 21, 2012

Grillin' Time

Yesterday the weather was so nice but a bit on the warm side for me.  I guess I like it at 80º F or less to be comfortable and 87º is too much for me to do too many things outdoor.

I did buy a new Weber tabletop gas grill yesterday and got it put together in time to make a nice steak dinner.  I even cooked the mushrooms on the grill -- a first for me.  Usually I saute them in a pan with butter but I'm back to dieting again, so that's a no-no.

It's small but most of the time I'm just cooking for myself.  The steak and mushrooms came out great.  I also had some new-to-me Golden Beets, which were in my latest Door to Door Organics box:
I added a tossed salad, low fat Marzetti Ranch dressing, and called it good!

As for my latest attempt at losing weight, my doctor took one look at my latest stats and said 'Try Weight Watchers -- it really works'.  So since I usually listen to my doctors, I joined the online version along with a co-worker and together we hope to encourage each other.  So far I'm down 6 pounds so something's going right.  Must...keep...going....  I think the grill will help me cook more healthily too.

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Mary Sirianni said...

Good job!