Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Quilt Show

Yesterday my friends Sue and Mary headed out to Lansing with me for the Capital City Quilt Guild show in Lansing.  It was a beautiful day and a lovely quilt show.  Road construction -- not so lovely!  Arghh!!  But I did have one driver honk at me and ask what my license plate meant.  Love my fiber, I said, and she motioned like someone taking a pill and I said No!, like quilting and knitting!  Gotta laugh when you can when you're stuck in a 6 mile long back up.

This was one of my favorites, a version of a Barb Adams design.

Scottie quilt for Joyce, who couldn't come with us.

This quilt was very interesting.  The bottom half, all quilting, is a reflection of the design on the top half!

Isn't this wild animals in shoes quilt a clever one?  Sassy monkey is not wearing their shoes!

Love the croc in Crocs!

Here's one of Mary's favorites:

Sue's favorite:

Another one of Mary's favorites:

Loved this one, could be good in wool, too.

Hmmm....this one could be great in wool too......ideas forming here!

I really enjoyed this quilt -- the bear's face is unbelievable -- be sure to click on the photos for more detail.

Inspiration for me to get my half square triangle blocks made up:

Round Robin quilt, done by one person -- interesting.

I like the piping in the binding edge of this quilt:

Hand appliqued, hand quilted beauty:


harriet said...

Once again, beautiful quilts. Don't think I'll ever get into making them myself, but I sure love looking at them.

Anonymous said...

The scottie quilt is very cute! The other quilts are lovely. I wish I could have gone. Our birthday party for the one year old was so fun. Great weather! See you Tuesday!
~Joyce in MI

Janet said...

Nice show, thanks for sharing!!!