Friday, June 1, 2012

%&#@ Dog !

She did it again.  Miss Naughty Girl was bored and look what she found in my Craft Cave tonight:

Yep, $12 worth of pretty girly buttons, attacked and destroyed while I watched the evening news.  Only the little pink one appears unscathed.  Damn her anyway.  I was going to use these on a sweater for a little girl.  Now Miss Naughty Girl will have to spend the rest of the night in her crate.  Until and unless my roommate lets her out of her dungeon.  Arrgghh!

I took these pictures with my new Nikon Coolpix P510 camera.  Here's a picture of my first Nikon, a Coolpix S8000 camera:
Almost from the get-go I had trouble with the 'on' button of my first Nikon camera, something I found others on the Web experienced too.  Many times I'd press the button and it wouldn't turn on, or if it did it would turn off right away.  When you're trying to take a picture of the world's cutest grandson and the camera won't respond fast enough -- it's time to put it in the time-out corner too.  Before I do that, here's one last picture taken with it though:
It's a bridge camera.  I thought I wanted a Nikon DSLR but then I saw the Nikon J1 mirrorless camera at Costco.  After hemming and hawing about both of them for about 90 minutes I realized I really didn't want to bother changing lenses and fooling with either camera very much.  So I checked out the Nikon Coolpix  P510 because after all these years, I still like the point-and-shoot concept.  It's not very sophisticated but it works for me.  

I'm hoping to take many, many wonderful pictures with it and I'll start tomorrow when I attend the Detroit's Big Crush with my friend Eddie.  It's a wine/food stroll wrapped around a walking tour and architecture study in downtown Detroit, right near where my roommate works.  With any luck the rain that's been falling since last night will be gone by noon tomorrow and the sun will come out.  More pictures coming soon.

Have a great weekend!


Janet said...

Lol, sorry about your cute buttons! I'll share with you the best advice I ever got after my favorite shoes were chewed to bits by the dog- a tired dog is a good dog. I started walking her daily and wore her out and she became the best behaved dog. She was too tired to get in any more trouble!

Suzanne said...

I understand completely! It's amazing how that works -- just like Cesar Milan suggests. Sometimes I use the 'I'm too tired' excuse and I always end up paying for it!