Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Day

My new great-niece Reese came home from the hospital today, almost one week after she was born.  She's a cutie patootie and I can't wait to meet her in person and take some pictures.

My Mom also came home today.  I tried to call her but apparently her phone service is out.  Damn Comcast.  I could visualize her lying on the floor with the phone off the hook and was nearly out the door when my sister Renee called me to explain after I had first called her to see if she'd heard from Mom. Ahhhh.  

In case you need a laugh, and who doesn't on a Monday, my Mom told me yesterday, with the most serious face, that her doctor has instructed her during his visit at the hospital not to take any more Midol due to her ulcer.  I said 'Midol Mom?'  And she insisted that was what he told her.  At age 86 I can tell you it's been DECADES since she last popped one of those!

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