Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Times

Last month my roommate and I went out to visit Holly and her family.  It was a combination birthday/Memorial Day outing.  I hadn't seen my grandson Denver since Mother's Day and boy, had he grown and changed!  He's crawling all over and sitting up so steady and oh, so curious about everything.  I bought Holly a wheelbarrow to help her with her gardening and hauling Denver around.

 I think he loved it!

Mike had to build a gate to keep Denver from tumbling down their very wide stairway.  I think he did a terrific job:

Kevin enjoyed visiting with his nephew:

For dessert I took a chocolate mousse cake which Mike fed on his finger to Denver:

He definitely enjoyed his taste of the cake.  I got to feed him some peaches and plums but I'm not sure that could compete with cake!


SusanQuilter said...

Really cute pictures of an adorable baby boy!

harriet said...

Gosh - he really is growing like a weed! So cute. I can certainly understand peaches and plums not competing with chocolate cake.

Suzanne said...

Thanks ladies -- he's easy to love!