Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yo Yo Week

Long time no posts, right?  It's been one of those weeks.  A while ago I said I was working on a wool challenge item for my quilt guild's last meeting.  I entered a wool jacket:

The shot above was taken at the meeting.  I was quite dejected that it did not place.  I thought it was pretty slick.  I used a Marcy Tilton pattern (Vogue #8676) for the jacket and the appliqué designs were taken from Out the Back Door by Whimsicals.  I hand dyed much of the appliqué wool so I was pretty proud of it.  No prize for me.  Goose egg.  Zip.  Nadda. 

I wasn't down for long.  My sewing mojo is back.  When I was going back and forth to Haberman Fabrics for jacket advice, buttons, etc., I kept passing the most adorable little girl's dress hanging on display.  I KNEW I had to make it for the daughter my niece was expecting.  And I did.  I loved the fabric and the floral design running along the selvedge edges.  I used McCall's #5791 and initially didn't plan on making either the panties or the bow, but what the heck!  Couldn't let good fabric go to waste.

I used orange grosgrain ribbon in homage to my niece's husband who is a Tennessee graduate.  And then while I was sitting at work Tuesday I thought 'Carla needs a matching skirt!'  So after work I buzzed into Haberman's again and picked up a yard of fabric and elastic and whipped it up.
Won't they look cute on their walks to the park wearing their matching outfits?!  I mailed them off to Carla on Wednesday and she called me yesterday to thank me.  She was crying and I told her to stop or she'd get me going.  She was so appreciative -- makes me want to sew more for them!

But that's not all.  I decided I needed to make something for my grandson Denver.  Afterall, I hadn't sewn anything for him yet and he's nearly 10 months old!  So back to Haberman's I went and found some great raingear/fleece fabric in the sale bin.  60" wide for $8 per yard!  I used McCall's #4644 for the pattern and it went together super fast.  I gave it to Denver on Friday when I was hanging out with Holly.

 It's a little big for now but should fit fine in the Fall when they go for walks in the woods.  Isn't he precious?
While I was visiting Holly & Denver, my sister Renee called to say she was at the hospital with Mom and needed me to get there.  Mom's duodenal ulcer was acting up again and she needed two pints of blood plus her endoscopy/colonoscopy.  Let me tell you...there's absolutely nothing like sitting with your Mom for hours while she does the prep for the scope.  Nothing.  I'm off to visit her again this afternoon.  Hopefully she'll be released tomorrow and we can go back to our regularly scheduled chaos.


harriet said...

Well - I love your jacket. I also think all the sewing you've done is fantastic!

Hope your mom is feeling better soon. I know what it's like sitting in the hospital with your mom. No fun for sure.

Eddie said...

Great job on the sewing projects! I agree that your sewing mojo is back.

Hope your mom is doing better by now.

Anonymous said...

Hope your Mom is doing better.

Love the sewing, whats wrong with those people? That jacket is great!

Kim W

Heather Woollove said...

Great projects, Suzanne! Hope you're mom is back on track after that scare!
(Did you see that I used some of your fabric in my recently posted blue purse lining? Thanks, again!!)

Suzanne said...

Thanks everyone -- Mom is feeling better and so am I!