Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rocking Chairs

Yesterday I wrote about the PBS series, 'Craft in America'.  I really marveled at the talents of the late furniture maker, Sam Maloof.  Here's a collection of rocking chairs that he designed and crafted so meticulously.  I sure wish I had a chair that he made.  I would take hours to pick one out.  I'd have to try each of them out to be sure I picked the very best one for me.  Remember when I was picking out the carry on luggage last month???

They are positively beautiful and anyone who is lucky enough to own one sure better appreciate it!


Courtney said...

Those chairs are so cool. I love the one with the cradle.
I wish I had one too!

harriet said...
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harriet said...

They are, indeed, gorgeous! But, wow, really expensive. Don't think I'll be running out and buying one right away. LOL.