Thursday, April 21, 2011

Done for another year............

Tonight, after work, I had my annual refrigerator test.  The radiology tech took one extra view so my fingers are crossed there's nothing wrong!  Glad I won't need another one of those for a whole year.  There was no one there tonight -- the waiting room was cleared out.  This was good for me since it was nearly 7 pm, but I hope other women are taking care of things.................  Say, have you had your mamm for the year yet????

I started Maggie out on a new version of Pure Vita dog food -- Duck & Oatmeal.  I'm mixing it with the previous variety, Salmon & Potatoes, so it doesn't upset her tummy.  She licked her bowl clean, even clanking it around, getting every last morsel.  I guess she likes it!

Tomorrow's Good Friday but we don't get the day off from work.  At most, they used to let us out an hour or two early, but this is a new team with new bosses and it's not looking too good for 'early release'.  I can't wait for the weekend -- I'm going to assemble my new Emilia loom, get it warped and finally make something!!

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Courtney said...

Oh, lucky you...setting up the loom! Show us pics when you get it together. What is your first project going to be?
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!