Sunday, April 17, 2011

Knickers in a Bunch

I'll admit it.  My knickers are in a bunch.  My biscuits are burned.  I'm bent out of shape.

Why?  Because on Wednesday when my daughter finds out the sex of my forth-coming grandchild, she will not tell me the results.  Period.  Done.  I will have to wait until the baby shower to find out.

So that means that anything I want to knit up for the shower will have to be unisex.  I am so annoyed.  I have a million possibilities to knit and no direction.

I put my stand for the loom together today.  Probably not a great idea since I'm so upset.  But it's done and there was minimal swearing involved.

Worse yet, while assembling the stand I nearly burned my beets when the water ran out in the saucepan.  Ugh.  I made some white and sweet potatoes, just in case, to go with some baked Salmon.  The house smells SO good - NOT!

Today Kevin and I cleaned up the back yard and re-organized the shed.  3 hours of work in 30 MPH winds -- woohoo!  It snowed, it hailed, it sleeted (is that a word?!).  It's probably the earliest we've cleaned up the yard in years.

On the bright side, here's the knitted purse I bought yesterday at the Spring Fling:

Apparently, it was made by Lori.  Hope that doesn't confuse people in case I misplace my bag.  I love the rayon fabric and the fact that you wear it across the body -- keeps your hands free to shop, talk on the cell, etc.  

Well, I'm off to finish my dinner and try to relax before heading to bed early.  I want to get into the office early to try and get caught up after taking Friday off.  I have a one-on-one meeting with my new manager in the afternoon.  That should be interesting!

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Anonymous said...

Don't despair. At least she'll tell you before the baby comes! Neither of my girls wanted to know before their babies came! Maybe green or yellow is the way to go for the shower then do blue or pink when you know. Either way, I'm sure your grand baby will have tons of beautifully knitted things. It will be so much fun! Being a grandma is the best!!!