Friday, April 15, 2011

34 Seconds

Today I took my first PTO day since my 'vacation' ended on March 1st, just to do my taxes.  After several stressful hours I finally finished and e-filed them.  Glad that's done for another year.  

Do you have 34 seconds for a guaranteed laugh?  My sister Denise sent me this video and it made me laugh out loud.  Maybe it was because my dog's name is Maggie, too, and I could relate!

Tomorrow morning I'm heading off to do something fun (in direct contrast to doing my taxes!) -- attend the Spring Fling put on by the Black Sheep Weavers Guild.  I've never attended before but now that I'm going to learn to weave, I'm really looking forward to checking out the goods and maybe pick a few brains while I'm there.  I'm going with my friends Sue, Kate, and Harriet and we'll be dodging road construction and some heavy rain.  I better go find my rain boots and a sturdy umbrella!

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Courtney said...

Very funny! Have fun at your weaving class!