Saturday, April 9, 2011

Duh Winning!

Not trying to keep up with Mr. Sheen, but I hit the jackpot today with the plumber Kevin had found.  He was prompt, good, and cheap.  When was the last time you said that about a plumber?  I even told Todd I had never met a plumber I liked until he showed up.

Todd snaked out the kitchen line and was done in about 20 minutes.  Everything is working great now and I've washed a bunch of dishes and several loads of clothes/towels/rugs.  I'm trying a new-to-me laundry soap from Method,  It comes in a really small bottle with a pump dispenser and you only need 4 squirts per wash load -- too darn handy!

I got a new floor mat for the kitchen sink (too many blotches of sewage yuck on the old one), a new dish drainer, and roll out organizers for under the sink.  The area has to dry out a bit so tomorrow I'll put it all back together and take a photo.

I went to the anniversary sale at Ewe-Nique Knits and picked up some sale yarn and a new sweater pattern.  It's called Lily Cardigan and it's a top-down, which I l-o-v-e.  I chose an oak shade of Elsebeth Lavold's "Silky Wool" and I think it will be a versatile sweater when it's done.

Unfortunately, before I can begin knitting this sweater I HAVE to get my taxes done.  They're due on 4/18 this year but I don't want to get too close to the deadline.  Normally I have them completed long before the deadline, but all of my left brain energy has been spent learning my new job.  If I don't have my taxes done by next Saturday, I'll be filing an extension - something I've never done before.  So if you need me tomorrow, I'll be in my craft room, pouring over my taxes!

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