Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Weaving Attempt

I promised pictures of my weaving adventure yesterday at Kristi's house and here they are!  The warping process went reasonably well, although I got crooked and had to fix it.  I think the tension wasn't as even as it needed to be so I'm a little wonky but that's ok for a first project.  It might even itself out when I block it.

Like most new endeavors, I've learned a lot about how not to do things and fixing my mistakes.  I just wish I'd taken notes!  I used leftover Paton's wool for the warp and Colinette Prism for the weft.

I'm not sure if I chose the wrong size heddle (10 Dent) or if the Paton's wool is the culprit, but when the heddle was in the down position, the warp did not rise to the top of the heddle uniformly.  When that happens, I have to manually move them to the top so the shuttle can pass through.  

All in all, I think it's turning out pretty well and I can't wait to finish it and get it off the loom.


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Looks pretty dog gone good! It looks like it would be fun!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Courtney! It IS fun!

harriet said...

Lovely. What do you plan to make out of it?

Suzanne said...

I hope it will be a nice scarf for someone, someday.