Friday, July 30, 2010

Startling Awakening

This morning, very, very early, I awoke to a police car flying down the road.  They were travelling about as fast as I've ever heard them.  It's part of the problem of sleeping in the front bedroom.  I fell back asleep and wondered about it during the day.  Tonight I found out from the police report email that two people were walking up my street and were attacked -- just two blocks up the road.  The man was left unconscious in the road and the woman was hysterical.  I didn't hear an ambulance so I wonder if what I heard was the police transporting the injured man away.  It was 2:40 AM.  This is just one more in a series of serious crimes taking place within a two mile radius of my home.  Very unsettling.

Kevin will be unnerved when I tell him.  Much the way my neighbors reacted when I brought them up to speed tonight.  Crime happens everywhere but when it's your very own neighborhood it feels so different.

With that said, I'm leaving you tonight with the peaceful sunset I witnessed at my sister's last Saturday.

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