Tuesday, July 13, 2010


When I'm preparing for my Fall shows I hear my sister Denise's voice in my head -- 'Suzanne, you need MORE inventory!'  Every year I run low on products at the end of the three-day Charlevoix Apple Festival and my booth looks paltry.  I'm crankin' 'em out as fast as I can!

The other day I showed you the Slouchy Hat and wondered if it was slouchy enough.  I blocked it by washing it in the sink with Head n Shoulders w/conditioner and then placed it over a plate to make the crown spread out flat.  It looks much better now and is slightly slouchy, not hugely slouchy.  Some young lady will love it.

I also knit up this Scrunchable Hat yesterday:

It's another free pattern off of Ravelry.  I used the purple shade of Universal Yarns Chunky Wool, although I have to say, I didn't find it to be 'chunky'.  I used size 7 needles and knit a 1x1 rib for 1" before switching to the pattern:  Row 1 K2, P1, Row 2 K1, P2.  I think some other knitters crabbed about the decrease instructions but my guess is they didn't follow them carefully enough to get a good result.  Here's a close up of the stitch pattern:

I did some fulling at the stinkin' hot laundromat on Sunday, watching the World Cup Finals as everything swished around in the washing machine.  I finished this hat:

I knit that one using Cascade Pastaza, a 50% wool/50% llama fiber that felted kind of nobby, in a good way.  I think I'll embellish it with some leaves and a flower since it's a bit plain.

And finally for tonight, I also fulled the entrelac bag, now and forever known as Josephine, the bag of many colors:

and here's the reverse side (really, it IS different):
I like how the top of the bag has a scalloped edge.

 Here's a close up of the squares: 

and the bottom:

See last Friday's post for the bag pictures before I fulled it.  I think Josephine is one of my favorite felted bags -- I'm keeping her for my own use!

And lastly, I sure do wish I had taken my camera to work with me.  Out in front of my building they're doing major road reconstruction.  Just before the turn around light I saw a Lincoln MKS sitting in freshly poured cement.  Yep, right in the middle of a fresh spot.  He must have been impatient and didn't see exactly where to turn and bam!  Landed right in the middle of wet cement.  That car has to be totaled!  I know I would never want to drive it after that.


kpultzdesign said...

LOVE your Josephine...it is beautiful!

HA HA cemented Lincoln! I saw a guy once same thing in a construction zone pulled into the left turn lane between barrels. Weren't no road there...just a big deep ditch that swallowed his front end...

janet said...

Suzanne, that bag is amazing!! Did it shrink alot when you fulled it? It's absolutely gorgeous, I am glad you're keeping it for you:)

harriet said...

Still love that bag! It's beyootiful.

I totally avoided Telegraph this am. Making me crazy. Saw a car there recently that tried to get out of a restaurant and didn't use the temp. entrance/exit ramp and ended up with its back end up in the air. Boy, sure glad it wasn't me. People just ignore the barrels and try to use turnarounds that they then can't access. Don't understand these people.

Suzanne said...

Thank you one and all. The bag didn't shrink too badly. I should have measured before and after.

I still have to make the cell phone pocket and am contemplating sending the bag through the wash one more time.