Friday, July 9, 2010

Knitting Update

There are very few times when I leave the house without my knitting.  Some kind of knitting goes with me everywhere, even if it's just I-cord.  I take it with me to work and spend my two 10 minute breaks knitting -- relaxing and decompressing.  There are days, though, when I'm so busy I don't get to take my breaks and I always feel cheated.

Today I finished what I think is a man-ly looking hat:

I used the Sirdar Highlander Chunky yarn that I scored at the Skeins on Main sale bin for $8 last Saturday.  It's 70% wool, 30% acrylic so it should be warm and soft.  I cast on 76 stitches on a size 9 needle, used a 3x1 rib pattern, and knit in pattern for 7" before decreasing for the crown.  Here's a close up of the flecks of color in the hat:

Earlier this week I finished my first ever entrelac project, this bag:

At first I was confused about the whole process but as usual, found that once I got started, the instructions really did make sense.  I can't wait to felt it -- might do it this weekend since the weather is improving -- mid 80ºs expected instead of low 90ºs.  It will have I-cord handles.  I don't have quite enough yarn left to make a cell pocket so I think I'll have to pony up and get at least one more skein of the yarn, Universal Yarns' Poems.  This yarn has the same kind of color changes as Noro Kureyon but it is so much softer and easier to knit with.  Stay tuned for the 'after' pictures.

I've got plenty of knitting lined up for the weekend.  I'm hoping to use the skeins I got the other day from Marr Haven, which accompanied the 'Sam the Ram' pattern I was happy to find.  Barbara also sent me a color card so I know what else awaits me.....

Notice this little symbol printed on the label:
Oh, how I love it ! !  I need this for my hang tags....


janet said...

Love the hat, it is manly looking.

The entrelac bag is great, love the colors in it. I don't know if I could felt it after all that work:) I only did a small dishcloth in entrelac, but it was fun.

I take my knitting most everywhere with me too, especially if I know I'll have to wait. I get cranky if I don't have something to work on when waiting!

harriet said...

The entrelac bag looks great! Can't wait to see how it felts. Love the colors. This is for you, right?

Are those yarns from Marr Haven going to be for Sam the Ram?

Will be knitting Monday for sure. Won't be able to make Tuesday again. See you then.

Suzanne said...

Janet -- I really loved the felted version of the bag in the shop so that's what inspired me. Several other gals were making one and decided I NEEDED one too!

Suzanne said...

Harriet -- Yes, the bag is for me, me, me! The yarn from Marr Haven will be hats -- I figured as long as I was ordering the pattern I might as well get some yarn. Not sure what I'll use for Sam the Ram -- any suggestions??