Friday, July 16, 2010


I didn't blog last night for a couple of reasons, not the least of which was a really fierce thunderstorm.  It was the kind where the rain blew sideways and trees were bending like willows.

You needn't worry about me though.  After work yesterday I headed to Northville to pick up a yarn rack (pictures coming this weekend, maybe) from a rather eclectic, eccentric senior citizen who was obviously wildly artistic.  Since I was so close I went to Rebecca's for dinner, a place I would meet Holly when she was going to Eastern Michigan University.  I love, love, love their sweet potato fries -- absolutely worth the trip.  

The storm hit while I was eating so I dilly-dallied until it was mostly over and made a mad dash for my car, parked conveniently two spots down.  It was agonizing though, because I didn't want to risk a soaking by visiting the Center Street Knits shop -- directly across from where I had parked.  Oh, the angst I felt driving away......

The roads were definitely precarious, stop lights out at major intersections, a downed tree across the highway ramp, a car turned around and pointing in the opposite direction.  I was so glad to pull into my driveway.  That is until I saw my gate was OPEN and I could hear Maggie barking!!  Thank goodness she was at the back door, barking to come in and hadn't figured out the gate was open.  Now I'm not sure if the water meter reader left it open (naughty man) or if the storm blew it open.  Either way, I was very relieved I didn't have to chase Maggie down in the pouring rain.

I must have been tired because I fell asleep in my chair, knitting in my hands.  It was just time for bed I decided and off I went.

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