Monday, July 19, 2010

One of those days

Today was such a frustrating day for me.  Things were off at work.  Looks like we may be transitioned out of a job even sooner than 1/1/11.  I forgot my lunch.  Can't find my credit card -- anywhere.  I even stuck my hands down the sides of the recliner - ewwwwwwwwwwww.  I looked around the T&C -- didn't find the card but I did find a raffle prize that someone had donated for guild that had scooted  under the front passenger seat.  Still no card.  Would be nice to have it for my trip up north on Thursday but oh well.  I had to take back some chicken burgers to Costco -- the little packages they were in were bulging -- blowing up like balloons.  I picked up some composition books for the backpacks we're putting together and donating to local kids.

Even though I was still a bit 'Tasmanian' I got back to knitting when I returned home from Costco.  I didn't enjoy it, even for a minute, but I did finish knitting the bubblegum pink child's hat:

You didn't believe me when I said bubblegum pink, did you?!  Eddie -- the leftover yarn is all yours -- I don't want to see any more of it!

Here's my favorite part:

Now the yarn felt like burlap to knit with (sorry Eddie) and I didn't have high hopes for it but I've given it a bath in Head N Shoulders and  it's showing some improvement.  Once it has a chance to dry it may actually switch from helmet to hat!  Part of that is my fault because I used a size 5 needle when it probably would have been better on a size 6.  I don't like to make those kind of mistakes but I kept knitting along thinking it would work out.  Usually it does but this time it didn't.  Argghh!

I think I'm just going to go work on a few Sudoku puzzles and go to sleep.  Tomorrow has to be a better day.

ETA  -- Found the credit card upside down on the coffee table, under some junk mail.  Ugh.

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harriet said...

Well, at least you found your credit card. That could have been a catastrophe (good grief, did I spell that right?).

The hat looks cute. Hope the bath softens it.